Should you attend?

Why “Inspired Disruption?”

Health-care is shifting under our feet.

Disruption is everywhere. How we deliver healthcare today won’t be the same way we provide healthcare tomorrow.

Physicians are positioned to contribute and make a difference in the health system. MSPEI is responding to this shift by providing Member programs in physician health, leadership and engagement.

Inspired Disruption provides an opportunity for physicians and health care leaders to reset how we come to the table for the improvement of the health-care system.

Shifting Minds. Shifting Perspectives.

Here is what participants can expect during the symposium:

  • Explore practical strategies and techniques to improve your personal wellness;
  • Explore ways to come together as physicians to problem solve and build capacity to fix those persistent challenges that are underfoot;
  • Develop relationships between physicians and the leadership within Health PEI and the Department of Health and Wellness, to foster a better understanding of the unique needs and challenges facing both the system and physicians; and
  • Develop effective communication skills for working in a systems environment